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Barn Owl Flight :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 4 3 Moegh :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 1 Silver dragon :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 1 0 Silent Watcher :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 1 1 Secrets :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 1 1 Grace :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 2 For Becka :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 1 1
You are my prized creation:
The result of long hours filled with,
My blood, sweat, tears and pain.
But I shall not give you a name.
You may walk amongst the living,
Though they will never look your way.
Like a shadow, they’ll pass you by,
And none shall utter your name.
You are a being of the darkness;
Your bonds are forever mine.
Despite what I might call you,
Never shall you have a name.
I placed the pieces of you together,
Sealed them with a piece of me.
A chunk of my heart and soul,
Though nothing can give you a name.
Those men, who have no faces,
Could never understand you.
At least, not the way that I do,
And so can never earn your name.
You are a being whose soul is pure,
But never can you be truly mine.
A name would only contain you,
So now be free, never with a name.
:iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 0
Curse of the Heart
Dare ye, dare ye
Place your palm upon the altar
To hearts of gold, the greatest pleasure
To hearts of ash, pain unmeasured

What did they tell you,
As they placed your heart next to the feather?
Only once, only once
Will you face this challenge
Speak not once, put your faith in us
Speak not once, use your heart

How did it feel,
To be judged on character and not color?
The bells, the bells
Let the bells speak your fate
The greatest anticipation fills your heart
The blackest fears fill your mind

Could you bear it,
As they stripped away your bonds to show you true?
My dear, my dear
The spirits have gifted you
You are blessed with a golden heart
You are cursed by a black soul

Tell me how it is,
That someone such as you or I, can come to love so deep?
Beloved, beloved
You hold something beyond our grasp
The dearest of us think with their hearts
Though the blackest cannot love

Could you come to accept,
The gift that makes you everything and nothing?
:iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 0
King's Chibi :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 1 Necro Chibi :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 1 Letting Go :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 2 Jeffery :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 3 Vampire Guy :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 0 The Warrior Reborn :iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 1 0
A Frail Life-line
Please tell me that it’s all a lie
Just give me a reason not to cry
All that’s left for me is you
Don’t let me lose you too
I’ve been swept up, carried off
The only thing I feel is lost
Time has been tossed away
A month passes by in a day
Yet these scars still pain me
A hurt only I can bear and see
I hear a child in the dark, crying
If I said I can’t relate, I’d be lying
Alone, lost and thrown to the side
It’s just something I cannot abide
But it seems I must pull through
To make these dreams of us true
Just tell me you’ll be right there
That it’s a burden we both share
A reassuring heart beside mine
That’s all I need, and I’ll be fine
:iconchaoticnecromancer:ChaoticNecromancer 0 0


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